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_The Value of Absence (2013)
_The Paradox of Labour - a reader to the work of Adrian Melis (2021)

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_The Paradox of Art and Labour - Sociopolitical practices as form of artistic expressions

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Filmed in Switzerland. Supported by Kunstlehrstuhl Baden, Switzerland. 

Protecting our own

        Video installation
Documents and packagings
Video HD h.264, colour, stereo, 14:30 min
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       ‘Empty Page’ is a company based in Baden, Switzerland, founded by Adrian Melis. The company is dedicated to acquiring and processing information, data and statistics that accuse Swiss companies, banks and enterprises of questionable activity (i.e. tax fraud, tax evasion, money laundering). While its aim is to protect the Swiss image, its banking system and its reputation by reinterpreting the content. The company is at the forefront of ‘damage control’ services and fully embraces post-truth politics.
         Incoming information is manipulated, transformed, erased and changed by the employees who apply absurd methodologies bordering on surreal office-chores tasks and performances. To advertise Empty Page’s dedication to maintaining a ‘clean’ Swiss image, the company commissioned a promotional short film for the public and potential clients. The company’s aims and ideology are explained by employees and employers alike, while the viewer is given a tour of the various departments and office premises.

Photo Credits: Statko Mici