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Supported by Fundación Cerezales Antonino y Cinia, León, Spain.  

Anechoic Room

         Produced in Athens, Greece
Sound installation
objects, speakers, framed documents

         ‘Anechoic Room’ is a collaboration with a group of refugees trapped in Athens, Greece on their way to Western Europe. The participants are invited to adopt the role of the foley artist* and, in a recording studio, create the sounds that echo their journey thus far and capture the sounds they wish to hear upon reaching their final destination. Between past and future sounds, they are also invited to revisit their experiences by creating sounds absent from their journeys, sounds they wish they had heard. ‘Anechoic Room’ makes space for a more intimate understanding of the refugees’ experiences, mem ories and hopes for the future.
         The installation of the final work lays out the foley instruments accompanied by the sounds creating a narrative pathway for the viewer. Ultimately, only the objects can cross borders, while the refugees remain trapped in Athens waiting for the hopeful sounds to materialise.
         * Foley artists reproduce everyday sound effects to be added to film, video, and other media during post-production
to enhance audio quality and to create a more convincing representation of reality.


Ghazi Bilal (Daraa, Syria)   
Samir Alssbihee and family (Daraa, Syria)  
Haifa Alkazzaz (Damascus, Syria)     
Nour Alahmmad (Raqqa, Syria)
Mahnaz Hairy (Kabul, Afghanistan)  
Zeinab Mozafari (Dikondy, Afhganistan)  
Younes Ouchmouni (Rabat, Morocco)  
Latifa Husseni (Mazar i Sharif, Afghanistan)  
Burhanodin Rahmani (Bamyan, Afghanistan)     
Tarek Al Halo (Damascus, Syria)  
Mina Sami (Shiraz, Iran)

Photo Credits: Roberto Ruiz © Adn Galeria, 2018