OVATION (2013-2019)

Video archival, internet sources
seven clips, HD h.264, stereo, colour variable lenghts (loop)

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‘Ovation’ gathers footage of the Spanish Parliament since the spring of democracy in the 1970s, particularly from 1982, when the first elections were held following the end of Franco’s dictatorship, up until 2013. Since ‘Ovation’ was begun in 2013, further footage has been collected of parliaments in Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, UK and Greece. Every time laws are passed or rejected, a clapping ceremony ensues. Melis’s transformation of this moment into an endless self-applause paints a caricature of the democratic process and presents an almost sinister reading into how our lives are shaped by such theatrics.

Photo Credits: Adrian Melis 
Anatomy of Political Melancholy, Odeion, Athens, Greece, 2017