Video Installation, archive of documents, five frames (100 x 70 cm) incl. documents
Video, H.264 (1920 × 1080) colour, stereo, 14 min, 2018

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Since 2011 the Cuban government began implementing new reforms that would help promote the private sector and over the years some private businesses proved to be quite profitable and successful in their operations. However, the exponential growth of new businesses and rising private profit begun presenting itself as a threat to the government and it proceeded by halting the issue of new licenses, persecuting existing small business with high taxes and in many cases closing them down. As a result high uncertainty is settling in. On the one hand, Cubans are discouraged from investing in new businesses and on the other hand, disillusionment is present among those who have already invested. Ultimately the State controls profit.  
El Explote - Statistic Department aims to take advantage of the situation and transform it from a failing attempt of the private sector in Cuba into a source of income. The purpose of El Explote, a private initiative set up by frustrated former and current entrepreneur is to track, classify and archive each one of these failed attempts of creating a private business.