Produced in Cuba and Spain
Installation, wooden boxes documents, photographs (20x25 cm)

‘Sleeping indefinitely at work is an inconceivable notion. In Cuba, however, it is quite common. To maintain or feed productivity, the State has set regulations for workplaces and employee conduct. Still, few people abide by them because there are no repercussions for being lazy, or even sleeping at work. These regulations serve more of a symbolic nature. Both parties’ tacit agreement that the system is inherently unproductive renders workplaces into ‘ghost production structures’. Therefore, sleeping during work hours changes nothing as this economic model’s output is dispensable to continue working as it is.

In addition to sharing Cubans’ dreams, one of my main objectives with ‘Dreams Production Plan’, was to achieve a production line that would allow me to demonstrate in a tangible form that the dreams of socialism are a marketable product, merchandise that can be mass-produced and exported. ‘Dreams Production Plan’ is a critique of the establishment. It presents an alternative system that allows for productivity to happen using the existing structures, without changing or interfering with the day-to-day work rituals.’

Excerpt from an interview with Friederike Sigler.
WORK. Documents of Contemporary Art, 2016.
Copublished by Whitechapel Gallery and The MIT Press

New Production Structures, Adn Galeria, 2021
Photo Credits: Roberto Ruiz © Adn Galeria

The Value of Absence, Kunsthalle Basel, 2013
Photo Credits: Serge Hasenböhler © Kunsthalle Basel