Video - Installation, three channels, H.264 (1920 × 1080) colour, stereo, 10:00 min, 2015

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“Glories of a Forgotten Future” is a requiem for the futures of young women who were growing up during the affluent times of Cuba and lived through the transition period in the 50’s and eventually the triumph of the revolution in 1959. These women came from middle class families and would often visit the ballrooms of Havana and gather at tertulias, salons of literary and artistic nature. Despite the government confiscating their possessions, their property and enforcing a completely different lifestyle these women remained in Cuba.
Sixty years later, within the confines of their home the artist asks these women, now between the ages of 70 and 90, through song or dance to mentally place themselves back in time or in a place where they thought their future seemed promising. Aunque me cueste la vidaby Albero Beltran and other popular boleros guide these women back in time.