Filmed in Cuba
Three channel video installation
Video HD h.264, colour stereo,
loop playback

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‘Glories of a Forgotten Future’ is a requiem for the futures of young women who grew up during the affluent times of Cuba and lived through the tumultuous transition period in the ‘50s and eventually the triumph of the revolution. These women grew up in middle-class families, often visited Havana’s ballrooms, gathered at ‘tertulias’ - arts and literary salons, and generally led a privileged life. Despit the risk of losing all their private wealth, these women and their families chose to remain in Cuba. Indeed, the Communist government repossessed their wealth and radically reshaped their lives.

Sixty years later, within the confines of their homes, the artist asks these women, now between the ages of 70 and 90, through song or dance to mentally place themselves back in time in a moment when they thought their future seemed bright and beautiful. Their journeys back in time are accompanied by popular boleros of the time, as they sing under their breath and sway gently to songs such as ‘Aunque me cueste la vida’ by Alberto Beltrán.