Produced in Barcelona and Basel
Sound Installation
Office desk, telephone, speakers documents

For The Best Effort four different job ads are published in a Spanish newspaper and on multiple job-seeking websites. Each time a job-seeker wishes to respond to one of the four ads their call is redirected to one of the respective four telephones installed in the exhibition space. Once the call is received the telephone begins playing a speech of one Spain’s four prime ministers: Felipe González, José María Aznar, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero and Mariano Rajoy. All of the speeches are optimistic about Spanish growth, the creation of jobs and the progress of the Spanish economy.
The call is ignored and never picked up, while the primer ministers continue making promises. The gap between the reality of high unemployment and the reality that is promised by the ministers manifests inside the exhibition space, but these two realities hardly meet beyond these confines.  

Time to Relax (solo exhibition)
Photo Credits: Roberto Ruiz -  © Adn Galeria, 2013